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Topic: Lotto generalities

Lotto - A Game with Brains!

The author examines the general and theoretical odds in online lotteries. He speaks on topics such as: one should avoid popular series, which promises higher rates since this is not a game of chance. These 7.78 series million that were delivered on a game day were examined. The author analyzes birthday patterns and ticket series, the odds in this case being extremely low because of their popularity. He confirms this in the different drawings his analysis.

Is Lotto really all coincidence?

This book is about the development of the lottery in 1519 and its further development up to 2000. The book also contains exclusive tips for a better lottery game. These tips can help one guess more numbers. At the basis of these tips lies mainly the difference in the ink weight of each Lotto ball. For example, the weight of the paint on the ball with the lottery number 1 is much lower than the weight of the paint on the lottery ball 49.

Topic: Lotto strategies

The best cross-ply systems for Lotto and keno

Many lottery and keno players opt for larger numbers when playing these two games. A very interesting and promising solution for this is the betting system developed by the expert author - the newly-developed diagonal system. This type of system is first characterized by a perfectly harmonious distribution of the numbers, each number being used equally often. Second of all, only a minimal use is required.

The big winner book with the best strategies for lotteries

In this book, the author gives the best (inside) strategies for lotteries, roulette and sports betting comprehensively, which are directly and immediately implementable. This unique manual is a must for any contest freak! You will discover ingenious strategies that have never been published before and therefore they are traded among insiders only at very high prices.

Roulette, sports betting and more

In this book, too, the author describes some of the best lotteries, roulette and sports betting strategies, which are comprehensive, direct and provide an immediate success. This unique manual is a must for any sports fanatic! You will learn many usefull strategies that have never been listed in a publication before, so are worth quite a bit to users.

Theme: Lucky numbers generally

Your personal lucky numbers or the numerology mystery

Numbers are more than mere numbers. They have a symbolic importance. Three, seven and thirteen were known for their symbolism, but other figures were lost over time. Find out what "your" numbers are and what that says about you.

However, you should also read about who would be well suited for you, what would be the consequences of a change of location and how your home address can affect your success. Insert these important dates only on a lucky day.

Theme: Lucky numbers and horoscopes

Recognize yourself in your zodiac sign

"The character is the fate of man." Heraclitus

This book is an amusingly written astrological guide from which you can learn all about the typical characteristics of the twelve zodiac signs. Reading makes for a revealing look into self and partner analysis: What are your strengths and weaknesses? What should you expect from your partner? What are your career prospects? and so on.

The great commission horoscope by Robert Hand

The books of the renowned astrologer Robert Hand are among the most authoritative astrology titles and have sold very successfully. Now he completes his work and presents a comprehensive guide to the interpretation of the birth chart. He gives details on the astrological constellations of the planets and their meaning described in the houses, signs and aspects.

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